Lambert Emma Purse


The EMMA is a premium quality vegan leather handbag. Whether for an outing with friends, at the office or for a special romantic evening, the EMMA will make you shine in all circumstances! Its rectangular shape and accordion finish give it a sophisticated, chic, and elegant look. The bag has many pockets for optimal and efficient storage. The rigidity of the bag protects your valuable contents and always allows you simple and direct access. Designed by a Montreal company with respect for animal ethics, this product is a true trendy fashion accessory.

The EMMA is worn in 3 ways:

  1. As a handbag (with the included chain)
  2. As a shoulder bag (with the included adjustable strap)
  3. As a pouch (without straps)

Or with the chain + strap, for an ultra-fashion look!

What makes the EMMA unique:

  1. Its elegance
  2. Its versatility (different ways to wear it)
  3. Its many pockets
  4. Its storage capacity

The EMMA is perfect for:

  1. Fashionistas
  2. Elegant women
  3. Ultra feminine women

Why the name “EMMA”?

EMMA reminds us of the days of the Spice Girls and the ultimate Girl Power. She is feminine, elegant, and super fashionable. Emma is not afraid of anything and dares to reinvent herself from morning to night!

The model is 5'1'' tall


    25,5 cm (W) x 16,5 cm (H) x 8,9 cm (D)

    Nylons trap : 78 cm (lenght - min), 134 cm (lenght - max) x 4 cm (width)
    Chain strap : 50 cm (lenght) x 1 cm (width)

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