Lambert Gabrielle Purse


The GABRIELLE is a compact handbag that offers a clean and dressy style for both men and women. Its rectangular shape gives it an elegant yet understated look to showcase you no matter the occasion. Minimalist, the bag’s interior perfectly accommodates your essentials for small daily outings or for your chicer events. The GABRIELLE 4-in-1 multifunctional bag is designed in high-quality, comfortable, and practical vegan leather. The bag’s convertible look gives you a choice of how to wear it. A truly luxurious, local, ethical, and cruelty-free product.

The GABRIELLE can be worn in 4 ways:

  1. As a pouch (without straps)
  2. As a shoulder bag (with the included thin strap)
  3. As a fanny pack across the body (with the included wide strap)
  4. As a fanny pack at the waist (with the included wide strap)

What makes the GABRIELLE unique:

  1. Its multifunctionality
  2. Its clean look
  3. Its compact size
  4. Its ultra fashion look while being perfectly unisex

The GABRIELLE is perfect for:

  1. Fashion enthusiasts
  2. Those who appreciate minimalist designs
  3. People of action

Why the name “GABRIELLE”?

This very fashionable small multifunctional vegan leather bag bears its name GABRIELLE in honour of the very first Lambert model designed by our designer of the same name.

The accessories used in the demonstration video are for example only (not included).

  • 13 cm (height) x 21.5 cm (length) x 4 cm (depth).

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